Calabria and surroundings


For those looking for a gift or a souvenir of Calabria, the craft shops offer the opportunity to take home beautiful handmade objects. In the region there is a very developed production of ceramics, spread in many different forms.

Each area therefore has its own characteristic production, ranging from the apotropaic masks of archaic origin of Seminara to the fish-shaped flasks of Rossano, from the vases with scenes of Greek-Roman mythology of Gerace to the bright enamels of Squillace.

Woodworking is also widespread: a characteristic example is the production of pipes. In some countries there are also very skilled luthiers: the production of traditional musical instruments includes flutes, violins and guitars. One of the most characteristic objects of Calabrian handicraft is certainly the conocchia: used in the past by women for spinning, the wooden conocchie (decorated with inlaid figures on the top) were also offered as engagement gifts and therefore have an important symbolic value.