Tropea blues festival

Calabria and surroundings


The “Tropea Blues Festival” is a musical event whose protagonist is the Blues music. It is characterized by the performance (during the evening), at the same time and among the main squares of the historic center of Tropea, various groups emerging and not. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness among an ever-growing audience to listen to this kind of music and at the same time to develop cultural tourism by creating a strong moment of attraction for the country, for the whole territory of the “Costa degli Dei” and the entire region of Calabria. Distinctive feature of this event, is the performance (during the evening hours) at the same time and among the people of various bands, selected during the year. As it happens in the birthplace of this musical genre (New Orleans), the artists will have to play among the people, involving them and recreating the magical atmosphere that only this musical genre can create. To do this, will be installed between the squares of the center of Tropea of the fixed stages (of variable height not exceeding 60 cm) and thanks to the use of which, and special scenic techniques will be recreated the magical atmosphere of the most famous blues streets of New Orleans with posters (type poster) of artists who have marked the history of this genre, reviving the path of the squares and streets where the music will be the protagonist.

The 2009 edition of the “Tropea Blues Festival” will confirm the “winning” formula (bands that will perform at the same time and among the people in the main squares of the historic center of Tropea) perfectly successful in the first edition.

Following the indications of the major tour operators operating in the “Coast of Gods” and meeting the demands of the major tourism entrepreneurs in the area, in order to attract a growing number of vacationers has decided to anticipate the 2009 edition of the “Tropea Blues Festival” to days. 7 – 12 September (the 2005 edition was held on days. 23 – 24 – 25 September).

Increase in the duration of the event; the “Tropea Blues Festival 2005” was held for three days (September 23rd – 24th – 25th); in order to allow tour operators to build and sell a holiday package – cultural ad hoc for the Festival and following the indications of the tourist operators of the city of Tropea, it was decided to lengthen the “Tropea Blues Festival 2006” by one day and the 2007 edition by another 2 days (6 days in total). Always 6 days for the 2008 and 2009 editions.

In order to improve the flow of visitors and to make them listen to all the concerts, avoiding overlapping, we have decided that in the 2009 edition of the “Tropea Blues Festival” 4 fixed stages will be set up. This will allow a more efficient organization in the performances of the participating bands.

The “Tropea Blues Festival” is a candidate to be one of the most innovative, engaging and effective ideas to continue on the “road” of the tourist seasonality of Calabria. The Italian tourism market in recent years has struggled to stay behind its direct antagonists (Spain, Greece and Croatia). In the Italian tourist offer, the Calabrian tourist market represents a very high share and therefore has a strategic importance for the entire economy of the country. In this perspective, the “Tropea Blues Festival” wants to be a means by which to attract and offer to the vacationer, who decides to buy a package tour to visit the region of Calabria, in the so-called low season months, an alternative cultural holiday under the banner of music, the discovery of the traditions of Calabria and the tasting of typical products. Studies and data regarding the “strength” and fascination that blues music has on the tourist choices of hundreds of thousands of individuals, open up significant prospects and represent an additional challenge to be able to attract in the medium term (3-5) years, through collaboration with tour operators, thousands of “new” and “qualitative” tourists.

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